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Collverd is both the oldest and the most modern company of fattened web-footed bird production in our country. It was the first company of this kind to be founded in Catalunya, as well as the first one in the Spanish State. Over the last 30 years, Collverd has been a leading company in the production, elaboration and commercialisation of duck products.

Ducks are probably the only biological animal left, and we must safeguard this. In our farms, ducks enjoy a cereal-based diet and are reared outdoors, with freedom to roam –all which results in exceptional quality.  Ducks provide us their liver (foie-gras) and an extremely healthy meat, low in cholesterol.

From egg to plate: Collverd guarantees that every product goes straight from breeder to consumer. From our farms, through our own abattoir and the facilities where we elaborate our products, to the consumer.

Collverd is located in the middle of the Empordà Region, between the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean Sea, very near to the region’s wetland reserve of the Aiguamolls. This is a strategic point connecting Catalunya, Spain and France; a place that birds and people usually pass through.   

For further information about Collverd (news, recipes, etc.) and our products, please visit: www.collverd.com